3 Good Reasons To Have A Tilt Trailer As A Landscaping Contractor

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You are in the business of sprucing up people's property so that it is perfectly manicured and ideally reflective of how much they care for their home. In this business, part of what makes you successful is how you serve customers, but a big part of your success lies in having all the right tools for the job. One of the most beneficial assets you can have is a tilt trailer when you are a professional landscaper, but a lot of people in this business opt for a regular trailer that has no special functions. Check out these few reasons why it is good to have a tilt trailer in the landscaping business. 

Tilt trailers make material distribution a lot easier. 

Perhaps you have a customer who needs a load of new mulch, a load of new filler soil, or a load of lava rock for their landscape. If you have a regular trailer, distributing the material will mean scooping up the material by the shovelful during distribution, which is most definitely a slow process. With a tilt trailer, you can simply lower the back end of the trailer and let gravity do the heavy lifting during material distribution.  

Tilt trailers work well for loading and unloading your equipment. 

As a professional landscaper, you probably have a lot of equipment that you carry with you depending on the job you are tackling. For example, you may take along a riding mower or push mower to mow grass at a customer's property. If you have a tilt trailer, you can lower the backside of the trailer to roll your equipment right up onto the bed. While you can invest in a trailer with ramps, tilting trailers make these processes much faster and much more convenient while on the job. 

Tilt trailers are much safer in a work environment. 

Even as a private contractor, workplace safety is a concern. In the field where the work site is your work environment, keeping yourself and hired hands safe is important. A tilt trailer is much less likely to cause injuries than a regular flatbed trailer. You will not be climbing up on the bed to scoop materials. You will not be unloading ramps or folding down a tall ramp gate and risking injuries. You would also be less likely to accidentally fall off ramps when loading a piece of equipment, such as a mower. 

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6 March 2018

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