Boom Truck Safety: Tips For Operators

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A boom truck can refer to any number of vehicles that come equipped with a hydraulic platform that can be raised and lowered as needed. Bucket trucks, vertical tower trucks, and scissor-lift trucks all fall into the category of a boom truck. These vehicles can be extremely useful for a number of projects, but only when they're operated safely. Specifically, there are a few key tips all boom truck operators and workers need to keep in mind when using any type of boom truck.

Keep an Eye on the Sky

Boom trucks are often operated outdoors and are designed to be able to operate in some inclement weather, including light rain and extreme temperatures. However, high winds, heavy rains, and other severe weather can pose a threat to those working on boom trucks, so being aware of forecasted weather before beginning a project on a boom truck is recommended. High winds can be especially dangerous, as boom buckets can be blown over.

Be Aware of Weight Limits

Boom trucks will also have clear manufacturer guidelines regarding the amount of weight that is safe to be placed in the boom bucket at all times. These weight limits should never be exceeded, as doing so could lead to failure of the mechanical arm and serious injury. All boom operators need to be aware of weight limits on individual machines and never assume that a weight limit from one machine will automatically translate to another.

Know When to Set Up Barricades

One of the most common causes of injury while working on a boom truck is that of the vehicle itself being struck while in operation. When working in areas of high traffic, operators are encouraged to set up barricades and other traffic deterrents to ensure that other motorists are able to clearly see and avoid the boom truck while it is in operation.

Follow OSHA Training Requirements

There are strict requirements set forth by OSHA when it comes to who can operate a boom truck, bucket, or other components. Anybody operating or working on one of these vehicles is required by OSHA to undergo extensive training and certification.

There are many safety tips that need to be kept in mind when operating, driving, or otherwise working on a boom truck. By following these safety tips, it is less likely that an accident will occur and more likely that the project can be completed safely.


4 October 2017

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