3 Steps To Take Immediately If Your Industrial Boiler Breaks Down

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In your industrial business, such as in your manufacturing plant, chances are good that everyone really relies on the boilers in the building to keep the equipment up and running. If a boiler breaks down, you and your employees might not really know what to do. Luckily, following these steps immediately afterward can help.

1. Look for Easy Fixes

First of all, you'll probably want to look for easy fixes before you panic. Something simple like a damaged hose, a lack of fuel getting to the boiler or something similar could cause the entire thing to shut down but could require an easy fix. Before you call someone to come out and look, you and your crew might want to look for these simple issues; if it's something simple, you can often save money and get the boiler back up and running more quickly if you can get to the bottom of the problem.

2. Call a 24-Hour Service

If you assume that you will not be able to have your industrial boiler repaired until regular business hours, you might be thinking about wasted shifts and a loss of production. However, even though some boiler repair companies do operate in this manner, many of them actually offer emergency services and will come out to make repairs at any time of the night or day and on any day of the week, including holidays. Even though you might have to pay extra for this service, you might find that it's worth it if you are able to get your industrial boiler back up and running again.

3. Look for a Rental

Did you know that you can often rent an industrial boiler for a few hours, days or weeks? Depending on what is wrong with your boiler, taking this step can be a good way to keep the factory up and running until your existing boiler is able to be repaired or replaced.

Realizing that your boiler has broken down can be incredibly upsetting in any manufacturing plant. However, if you take the right steps immediately afterward, you can help ensure that things go as smoothly as possible while the repair is being done. If you follow these three steps as soon as you notice that the boiler is not operating as it is supposed to, you might find that the situation is easier to handle than you thought it would be.

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7 May 2017

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