Why You Should Take Advantage of a Selective Pallet Rack Setup

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When you're designing the pallet setup of your warehouse, you should be aware of the unique benefits offered by selective systems. 

A selective pallet racking system generally consists of load beams, upright frames, braces that are placed both horizontally and diagonally, pallet supports, and wire decking. A selective system including these components offers the following five advantages:

A selective setup makes it easier to access inventory

Perhaps the primary advantage a selective system offers is easy access to inventory. Access is improved thanks to the fact that multiple forklifts can typically be used in one aisle at the same time with this type of system. This allows orders to be accessed more quickly, and productivity is improved.

Storage space is increased through a selective setup

A selective setup will generally increase storage space thanks to the fact that pallets can be stacked one on top of another. This makes vertical storage more safe while also maximizing the amount of pallet space that is available.

Selective pallet racking offers greater versatility than other warehouse storage options

Selective pallet racking can be customized to meet particular warehouse design needs, and this makes it a very versatile warehouse storage solution. 

A selective system will work with any type of pallet handling system, and it's not necessary to have racking replaced if a warehouse handling system is changed.

Money savings are made possible on installation, forklifts, and materials

Selective pallet racking can allow for a better bottom line for a warehouse operation. Selective racking is typically less labor intensive to install. Also, materials are often less expensive for a selective system.

The versatility of the system makes it so that a selective system can be left as it is indefinitely and doesn't need to be revamped or replaced if significant changes take place in a warehouse's shelving design or handling system. 

A first in, first out policy is easy to maintain

At most warehouses, it's necessary to rotate inventory so that the first piece of inventory placed in storage is taken out before pieces of inventory that are placed afterwards. 

Maintaining a first in, first out policy is easy with selective racking because large quantities can be stored without making it difficult to access product placed at the back. The versatility of this type of system makes it so that pallets can often be accessed from different angles so that product can be rotated as necessary to make sure the first item in is the first that's taken out when an order requires it.

For more information about selective pallet systems and their benefits, talk to a company like U.S. Lift & Warehouse Equipment Inc.


7 March 2017

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