Tips for Sealing Your Office Building with Spray-Foam Insulation

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If your office building is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, then it likely needs to be better insulated. One of the best ways to insulate your building is to use a spray-foam product to seal up any holes or gaps in windows, doors, and electrical outlets. However, working with spray foam can be a bit tricky if you want the results to look nice and don't want to make a mess in the process. To this end, follow these tips to seal your office building with spray foam.

Tip: Wear Disposable Latex Gloves When Working with Spray Foam

Since spray-foam products are sticky and quickly expand and harden, it is important that you wear a pair of disposable latex gloves when you work with spray foam. Wearing disposable gloves enables you to quickly remove any excess foam using your finger before it has a chance to harden. If you need to do this, then you can quickly take off the gloves and replace them with a new pair. Without gloves, the spray foam will stick to your finger and make a mess.

Tip: Use Silicone Caulking Before Insulating with Spray Foam

Since spray foam is appropriate for insulation, but silicone caulking is better for sealing holes and cracks, you should caulk any areas of your office building where there are cracks or holes where the outside air is getting into the building. For example, areas around windows and doors should be caulked before you insulate them with the spray foam.

Tip: Warm the Thicker Solution's Tank Using an Electric Blanket

When you are using a two-tank spray-foam kit to insulate your office building, you should heat the tank that contains the thicker solution. Since this solution is about the same texture as molasses, it needs to be warmed so it will flow better from its container. The easiest and safest way to heat the tank is to wrap it with an electric blanket. Set the blanket on a low setting and allow it to slowly heat the spray foam's tank.

Tip: Test the Application Gun on a Piece of Waste Cardboard Before Attacking Your Office Building

Finally, if you do not have prior experience working with spray-foam insulation, then you should test the application gun on a scrap piece of cardboard before you start shooting it onto your office building. This simple step will allow you to get better control over the application gun before you attack your office building.

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2 November 2016

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