How Heating Problems Can Relate To Your HVAC Design

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If you've been having heating problems, you may be looking into heating repair options. Before you call a heating installation and repair specialist to your home, make sure that they can handle HVAC problems as well as furnace troubles; some heating issues relate to your HVAC design. Here are some potential problems to look for. 

The Air Isn't Flowing Properly

If your problem is that some parts of the house aren't heating as well as other parts, then you may be dealing with a problematic air flow in your HVAC design. The HVAC system should be designed so that the pressure is balanced evenly. Larger branches should be balanced out by several smaller branches with an equivalent air flow. You can get problems with air flow when a home addition is done incorrectly or if the original plan was faulty. A heating contractor with HVAC technical skills can help you revise the design, and you may need to create additional ductwork to make the air flow more efficiently. 

Air is Being Wasted

On a related note, if some branches of ductwork are larger than others, those areas of the house may be getting a surplus of air. Sometimes that air can be wasted if it's in an area of the house that you don't use that often. Closing off unused vents can help redirect the air to where you need it most. 

Ductwork Maintenance

Another issue that can occur with poor maintenance is that the system is flowing just fine, but air is being lost in your crawl spaces because the ductwork is damaged. HVAC systems are especially vulnerable at the seams, and when a seam opens it can cause a lot of hot air to flow out of the system instead of into your home. An HVAC team may be needed to inspect and seal cracks in your HVAC ductwork. 

The Furnace is Too Small

If your furnace isn't the right size, it can place a lot of pressure on your heating system. The heater may have trouble delivering enough air to circulate in a larger HVAC system, which can lead to premature maintenance problems and breakdowns. While your heating technician is looking at your heater, it can be beneficial for them to check the capacity on your furnace and ensure that it matches the size of your home and HVAC system. If not, it may be in your best interest to upgrade. 

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4 August 2016

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