Deep Cycle Batteries: A Well Of Information You Need

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Deep cycle batteries, such as Trojan batteries, are vastly different from any other batteries you know. These batteries serve as rechargeable batteries that power large machines. They have a few benefits over traditional batteries, but more importantly, they give big boosts of power to the things they fuel. To learn more about these deep-well, heavy power batteries, here is a well of information for your use.


The biggest drawback to deep cycle batteries is that they are single-use. More accurately put, you can use them once, but because a single use drains them, you have to recharge the battery right after you use it. You also have to check the electrolyte fluid if you have a "flooded" version of deep cycle battery as the electrolyte fluid that covers the charging plates gets burned up during the use of the battery. As long as you recharge the battery right away and keep the fluid (if applicable) filled, this battery has quite a long life.

Big Power Kick

These batteries provide a big power kick. They can jump-start a system or machine with a big boost of power, but the boost is just a boost. You will need a second battery if the system requires a consistent flow of electrical power. That is why these batteries are almost always used in conjunction with an additional traditional battery. The deep cycle battery gives the system or machine the power it needs to start, and then the traditional battery provides more electricity upon demand.

One such example of needing a power kick followed by extra power is a heavy duty electrical truck. The big power kick gives the truck what it needs to turn over, while the traditional battery feeds the truck's travels. This is why purely electrical vehicles need to be plugged in every night; they have deep cycle batteries in them.

Many Applications

Deep cycle batteries are used in vehicles, boats, industrial settings, vast computer systems, traffic lights, etc.. Anywhere and anytime you need a boost of electrical power to get something started, you could use a deep cycle battery. In addition to all of their applications and uses, these batteries are an environmentally friendly option. The lead in the plates inside may be recycled, and the electrolyte fluid is just water and another element, such as salt. The fluid can be purchased anywhere, but you could easily recreate the electrolyte fluid if you get stuck on the road and need to refill the battery.


7 February 2018

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